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This Contract is subject to all the rules, regulations, rates, and charges, in carrier currently effective applicable tariff. The tariff is available and can be requested by
shipper any time. Carrier will present to the shipper with in 48 Hours, the tariff is not limited to, the following terms and conditions: Section 1: Form of Payment: Upon
pickup 60% payment will be due in the form of (Cash, Money Order or Certified Check). The remaining balance must be paid in full On delivery before UN-Loading
payment will be due in the form of cash, or postal money order. Personal checks are accepted at carrier’s discretion and only if there is at least 10 Business days before
Pickup. Subject to the 110% law payment in FULL of all charges is required before delivery and or the unloading. Section 2: Lawsuits: MANDATORY CHOICE OF
LAW AND JURISDICTION. If a lawsuit becomes necessary to resolve any dispute between the carrier and shipper, said suit shall and must only be brought in circuit or
county court in the City Brooklyn State New York Suits involving disputed over interstate shipments must be limited to the governing federal law. Both parties agree to
submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the New York Courts and agree given the relationship to the state, such exercise is reasonable and lawful. Shipper consents to
jurisdiction in City Brooklyn State New York and hereby waives the right to be served within the State of New York . Section 3: Carrier Liability: The carrier is not
responsible for any damages to any article or fragile article Unless packed and unpacked by the carrier, The carrier is not responsible for any Furthers Made from Press
wood and will not assemble or de-assemble Press wood Furthers, The carrier shall not be responsible mechanical or electrical function or with respect to damage, decay
loss, or caused by acts of God or Terror act, war insurrection, fire, strikes, labor trouble, earthquake, nature of the property or defects or inherent vice therein
deterioration by time, termites, moths or other insects, rodents, wear and tear, vermin, leakage, fire or any cause beyond the carrier control unless such damage results
from the carrier control. The carrier shall not be liable for any delay caused by highway, impassable highways, capacity, obstruction ferry or brid/ge or caused by
mechanical defect of vehicles and or equipment used by carrier. Option 1: FULL VALUE PROTECTION level of liability your shipment will be transported based on a
value of $6,000 or $6.00 per pound multiplied by the actual weight of the shipment, whichever is greater base on FVP Doc come with the Bill of Lading. Option 2: FREE
of Charge No Deductible - Agree to Waive FVP, and agree to Release FVP. Select 60 cents per pound per article you must write, on the line when the shipment has
been released to the carrier at the value not exceeding $0.60 per pound per article as per declaration of the value Customer agreed that said property be moved packed,
shipped, forwarded, or otherwise, handled with the carrier’s liability specifically limited to $0.60 per pound per article. The carrier is not responsible for injury or damage
to any fragile article Unless such Fragile articles are both packed and unpacked by the carrier’s employees. The carrier will not Ship, Pack, or Carry and or be Liable in
any way for the loss or damage to jewelry, coin, precious stones, banker bills, documents, currency, stamps, silverware, or any article of extraordinary value unless such
articles of value was agreed to in writing, and unless the shipper assumes additional valuation charges. Dangerous or Hazardous Materials: The shipper has to notify the
carrier in writing for any goods or Hazardous materials include inflammable, explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, poisons, corrosives,
and radioactive materials. There are special exceptions for small quantities (up to 70 ounces total) of medicinal and toilet articles carried in the household goods and
certain smoking materials carried on your person. The Carrier shall be under no liability to make any general average contribution in respect of such goods. The Shipper
undertakes that such goods are packed in a manner adequate to withstand the risk of Carriage having regard to their nature and compliance with all laws or regulations
which may be applicable during Carriage and handling. Whether or not the Shipper was aware of the nature of the goods, the Shipper shall indemnify the Carrier against
all claims, losses, damages, liabilities or expenses arising in consequences of the Carriage of such goods Without the carrier knowledge, no responsibility for a safe
delivery. SECTION 4: Filing of Claims/Complaints Procedures: Carrier shall not be liable for the loss or destruction of, or missing goods, or damage of goods
tendered hereunder or any part thereof unless claim is made in writing supported by proof of ownership, together with substation of value, and weight. As a condition
precedent, all outstanding monies due to the mover must be paid in full before a claim can be submitted to the company within 9 months after the date the goods are
delivered or demand thereof refused and must be limited to the destination descriptions of damage indicated on the inventory logs at the time of delivery. It is solely the
shipper’s responsibility to inspect and indicate damaged or missing items on the inventory logs at time of delivery. Valuation of claim will be based on those indications
subject to the limitations of liability as described on the Bill of Lading. File Claims: The shipper must file a written claim for loss or damage with the responsible carrier or
its agent including a specified amount for the damages within nine (9) months after delivery. The carrier must acknowledge receipt of said claim within 30 days, and then
must within 120 days pay, deny or make a settlement offer or advise shipper of the status of the claim as well as the reason for any delay in the resolution of said claim.
When the claim processing is delayed, the carrier must advise the shipper in writing of what information it is missing from the shipper. Once it has obtained all of the
information needed to process the claim carrier must inform shipper of the status of the claim at least every 60 days until the process is completed. Arbitration is
generally only undertaken after the claims process has been completed and the carrier has made a settlement offer (or denial of the claim) to the shipper. 1. Claim must
include photos and current market value of item (s). base on Depreciation is based on the schedule as shown on 2.
Photos Must be Send by Certify Mail to the Main Office. 3. Damaged items must be made available for inspection by carrier or carrier’s representative upon request. 4.
Mover (Carrier) will reply within 30 days of properly submitted claim by mail as to the decisions regarding the validity and / or course of action to address said claim. 5.
Customer must reply / dispute as to the decision within 30 days by Certify mail. Any claim arising from a pre-packed box will not be paid unless the packaging shows
mishandling. The most we will pay in settlement of a claim is 50% of the paid value or appraised value, or for the repair. In either case, the furniture will belong to the
shipper. Claims for Materials that cannot withstand the riggers of transportation will be settled 75% of the paid value or appraised value, or for the repair. In either case,
ownership of the items will be the shipper. Complaint and inquiry handling procedures. Customer Service In the event that you wish to make a complaint or submit an
inquiry or otherwise contact Olympus Moving & Storage Inc you may do so through our Customer Service Center in one of the following means of Communication: 1.
Written communication should be sent to: Olympus Moving & Storage Inc Attn: Customer Service Street 174 9th Street City: Brooklyn State New York Zip 11215 2. If
you desire more immediate attention than provided by the U.S. Postal Service you may, at your own expense, contact Olympus Moving & Storage Inc at its main phone
number, which is 888-217-7221 Alternately you may call Olympus Moving & Storage Inc Customer Service toll free Number, which is 888-217-7221. Olympus Moving &
Storage Inc or its agents are not obligated to accept collect calls. The Customer Service Center is available Mon -Fri from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM ET The Customer Service
Center is also available on Saturdays from 9 :00 AM to 12:00 PM ET .3. Olympus Moving & Storage Inc has a user friendly web site ( ) The
web site provides additional information such as requesting a quote, and the option to e-mail the Olympus Moving & Storage Inc Customer Service Center 4. The
Olympus Moving & Storage Inc Customer Service Response to your communications will be expedited if you refer to your order number when you call or write. Your
order number may be found on the upper right corner of your Order for Service or Bill of Lading, which is given to you at the time of the loading of your shipment. Please
note that the Customer Service Center responds to various customer service concerns, such as billing questions, destination services, disassembly / reassembly of
items, packing /unpacking, refunds and reimbursement of delay claims. SECTION 5: Dispute Resolution Programs: A. Arbitration: Arbitration is optional and not
required under Federal law. A neutral arbitration program is designed so that neither the carrier nor the shipper has any special advantage. Should a dispute arise
between the carrier and the shipper the parties may decide that arbitration is a mutually beneficial alternative to resolve the dispute outside of the court system. Section
49 U.S.C. Section 375.211 provides that a mover must have a program in place that provides shippers with the arbitration alternative. 1. Summary of the arbitration
process: Arbitration is an alternative to the court process. It allows each party in the dispute to present their cases to a neutral third party called an arbitrator who makes
a decision after weighing the merits and weaknesses of each parties case. 2. Applicable costs: There are two major benefits of the arbitration alternative: it may be less
expensive than traditional litigation and the arbitrator may have had more experience with similar cases. The cost of arbitration is borne by both parties. . Each party is
responsible for one half of the costs associated with securing the arbitrator and 100% of their own expenses, including but not limited to attorney fees. 3. Legal effects:
When both parties agree to arbitration they can also agree that any decision made by the arbitrator is binding. Binding Arbitration means that the decision becomes the
final resolution of the dispute and may not be appealed in a court of law. Although there are many arbitration programs available Throughout the United States we are
authorized to use and recommend the AMERICAN ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION. Contact information and other information about AAA can be found on B. Mandatory Non-binding Mediation: Mediation is a process whereby each side may explain their case to a neutral mediator, and the mediator will work
to assist the parties to reach an amicable settlement. Mediation is not binding on the parties. In the case of a dispute between shipper and carrier, both parties hereby
agree that, prior to attending arbitration or filing a lawsuit that the parties will attend mediation. A list of mediators by state is included in the Tariff binder Section
Arbitration. The parties shall equally share the cost of the mediator and 100% of their own expenses, except as otherwise indicated on the terms and conditions of the
Bill of Lading. Carrier shall choose a mediator from the list included in section Arbitration of this binder. All costs associated with the mediation must be paid at the time
of mediation and are waived from being included as a damage claim in any lawsuit against the carrier. Nothing contained herein applies to collection claims for the
nonpayment of moving services.

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