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Three Ways To Avoid Moving Day Theft

Moving day can be exciting for the most part, but as you move your belongings, you need to be careful. Thieves are opportunistic, and they will be aware that this is when you are most vulnerable around your family and belongings. The following three opportunities and deterrents for moving day theft will prevent your valuable items from walking away.


When moving, the amount of people entering and leaving your home is sizeable. Family, movers, friends, landlords, painters, hydro and cable workers, old tenants and so on make most of the traffic. With everyone busy and excited, a thief can boldly walk in announced, and quickly pounce on some items.


Assign a secure, secluded space for your valuable items. This would likely be windowless room, preferably a closet. If there’s a lock, the better! Delegate your friends or your movers to put the valuables in this room before or after the main moving has taken place. In this way, if a thief was to tango in through the open door, they’d probably pinch items of lesser value.


Some thieves go for personal items including your toiletries. Things like prescription drugs are common victims when people are on the move. Prescription pills are normally sold on the black market and therefore enticing for thieves. Expensive designer perfumes are also common targets.


Don’t pack your important toiletries and prescription pills in a box or tote, instead use small luggage. In this way, you’ll be able to know where they are and keep them in a safe place at all times. A small suitcase won’t normally draw attention to thieves looking for medicals.


During transition, identity theft can also be a real problem. When you relocate, you’ll most likely be carrying all your personal information than you do on a regular. Being in a different setup may temporarily let you drop your guard, and be less secure about your documents than you normally are. When these are nabbed and complied on the street, your information may be sold for a good penny.


Guard your personal information, including bank statements, Social Security numbers, insurance papers, stock investments and birth certificates. Secure all your important papers in a folder to be kept with you at all times or in a secluded secure place like that closet. You can visit the Equifax website to verify if your credit information hasn’t been tempered with, and to ensure that your identity hasn’t been stolen.

There are many things to bear in mind about moving day theft and how to avoid it. Refrain from leaving things unattended in the yard or anywhere for that matter.

Olympus moving & Storage is a reliable and professional moving service. You can be rest assured that they will do their uttermost best to ensure that your belongs never go missing when you move.

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