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Packing Tips for Moving


If you are planning on moving either to or from the New York City area, then you will need to plan ahead when it comes to your packing. There is a very good reason why moving day is considered a nightmare by many people because they discover just how unprepared they are to leave. Quite often, people leave things behind or pack items poorly so the fragile ones break or worse, have no clue what’s in the boxes until after reaching their new destination.

Here are some basic packing tips for moving that will help you become better organized and ready for moving day.

Start One Month Early

This may seem rather strange that you should start so early, but the truth is that you will need to start as soon as you can in order to make moving day a smooth one. Start by taking inventory of each room and getting the appropriate boxes and supplies so that you will be better prepared when packing the material.

Start with Stored Items

The easiest place to start is with the items that are kept in storage like holiday decorations, emergency supplies, and the like. You can start by packing them up without disturbing anyone else until it is time that their rooms need to be packed.

Pack One Room at a Time

Going one room at time makes things very simple, especially if you start early enough. You can pack up each room and even assign your children if they are old enough to be responsible for having everything ready to go on time.

Pack Fragile Items Together

It’s amazing how many people wind up packing fragile items with pots and pans or other non-fragile items that will certainly cause a catastrophe. Instead, pack fragile items separately and use appropriate padding so that they do not break during the move.

Do Not Tape Boxes Closed Until the Night Before Moving Day

In virtually every move there is usually an item or two that is not properly accounted. So, instead of re-opening closed boxes you should leave them open until the night before moving day when you make one last run through the whole house. Plus, this leaves room for the bedding, sheets, and other things left out the night before the big move.

Label Each Box to its Destination

If you want to save on confusion during moving day, label the boxes to where they need to go in your new residence. That way, all of the items that belong in one room will go there and can be sorted out later.

Hire from the Best New York City Moving Companies

You’ll only want to hire from the best licensed and insurance moving companies Brooklyn NY residents can trust. They should have an excellent reputation and provide top flight moving services that will make moving day far less stressful.

If you plan ahead and take things one step at a time, you’ll find that moving day is one that can be celebrated and not feared. It especially helps if you get the best packing and moving services New York has to offer in the process.


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