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How To Protect Your Furniture When Moving


One of the most challenging parts about preparing for a move is deciding how to go about protecting your furniture. Olympus Moving and Storage has the experience necessary to guide you through this difficult process. The following is a list of tips on how to safeguard your furniture during a move.

Dismantle All Furniture

Obviously, you may not be able to take apart every piece of furniture, but dismantling every piece that you can will help save room and make for safer travels. It may take more time to get settled in your new place as you reassemble bed frames, put the legs and arms back onto your chairs and tables and putting all the cushions back into your couches, but it's time well spent if it ensures the safe passage of your furniture.

Bubble Wrap Is Your Friend

Providing protection for your most delicate items requires the liberal usage of bubble wrap. All glass and precious wood items should be heavily wrapped to ensure their endurance. If you should run out of bubble wrap, then old blankets and comforters can help to do the trick in a pinch. This will keep your furniture from sustaining any scratches or cosmetic damage while it is on the moving truck.

Plan Properly

When it comes time to put your items into the moving truck, it is important to plan ahead and know how you wish to store them. Simply tossing your stuff onto the truck without a coherent plan can put your items in danger of being damaged or even destroyed. Not taking the proper care when loading the truck can undo all of the hard work you've done.

Clean Furniture Before Packing

Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming their furniture will get dirty in the process of moving and do not take the time to properly clean it. When furniture contains heavy amounts of dust and/or debris, this can be a major cause of scratches and other cosmetic damage to the furniture during the moving process. As an added bonus, you're able to save time while setting up your new home by reducing the amount of cleaning needed to be done there.

Take Special Care Of Upholstered Items

Your upholstered items are often neglected, but they are going to require the most care and consideration. Wrapping them up properly is crucial to their survival. When loading them into the moving truck, be sure to use rope in order to securely fasten them to the hooks. It is important to give them as much security as possible. In addition to wrapping and fastening them, movers should also use a generous layer of blankets to keep them safe.


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