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How To Protect Your Floors And Carpets For Moving

You want to protect your floors and carpets when you move because damage to floors and carpets will cost you money. If you are renting any damage may be covered by the loss of your deposit that can be as much as a few thousand dollars depending on what you rent and where the rental is located.

Damaged floors and carpets can reduce the resale value of your house by thousands of dollars. You can eat the loss in resale, replace the carpets and floors, or try to repair the damage or have it repaired professionally.

There are several ways that you can provide protection for your carpets and floors when moving. The best choice for protection depends on the time of year that you move, the weather on moving day, and how heavy your furniture is. Using a professional mover like Olympus Moving & Storage is really your best option. The company does all the work and you get a guarantee that your floors are protected.

The simplest protection is using sheets and blankets to provide a barrier between the carpet and floor and the moving feet and furniture. Heavy duty paper can also work for you. The disadvantage of this simple method is that you or your movers can slip and fall. You can go to the trouble of building a false plywood floor with padded framing for moving on.

The best simple protection for carpets is self-adhesive floor runners made for moving on carpet. This is plastic sheeting with a top surface that provides friction so you do not slip and an adhesive along the sides of the plastic on the bottom that prevents wrinkling and sliding. Similar products are available that are made for moving on wood floors.

The disadvantage of self-adhesive floor runners is that they may stain your floor or carpet and heavy traffic can break through the plastic.

Shoe booties can prevent the ground in dirt on shoes from making a mess on your carpets or floors. Furniture sliders are a great back saving way to move furniture on a floor of any type. Moving dollies with rubber wheels are easier on floors than dollies with steel wheels.

If you move in the spring, fall, or winter, chances are the weather may be rainy or snowy. The water is an added problem because water can damage wood and carpet.

Your best bet for protecting carpets and floors is to use a professional mover like Olympus Moving & Storage. Olympus Moving & Storage has moved thousands of people in New York and across the country. These experienced movers know exactly what you will need to protect your flooring from damage during a move.

The idea is why take the chance on ruining your floors and costing yourself a lot of money when there is no need for it. A professional from Olympus Moving & Storage will look at what you have to move and plan your move with you so that the best protection for all your flooring is included in the cost of the move.

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