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How To Let Go Of Sentimental Items When You Move

During the planning and packing stages of a move, it can be quite difficult for a person to decide on which items to keep and which ones to throw away. Parting with any items that you have an emotional attachment to can be challenging. However, there are ways to get through this process without losing any items you truly care about.

First things first, a mover must set aside the items that they can't imagine themselves living without. Picture a scenario where your house catches on fire. Which items would you save first? If an item is not important enough to save from a fire, chances are, you may not need it where you are heading.

You may also have several duplicate items. It's time to take a serious look at what you have and see if there are items that are superfluous. As you begin to pack, space becomes essential, so having two of anything is not necessary.

If you have items that are sentimentally valuable to you and you are unable to bring them with you, talk to friends and relatives. They may be able to help you store them or they could have use for them in their own homes. This way, even if the items are unable to stay with you, they will still be a part of your life or the life of someone you care about.

It is crucial to remember when moving that items that are considered sentimental by you will be thought of as useful for someone else. Rather than hanging onto items that you do not use on a daily basis, ask people closest to you if they would be able to make room for them.

When it comes to clothes, many of them will have a sentimental value to you as well. But many professional organizers subscribe to the "one year" rule. This means if you have not worn the item in question for at least one year, it is time to ditch it or give it to someone else.

Removing sentimental blinders during packing lets you see the usage that others could get from your items. Once you start to realize that there are many unfortunate people out there who could use the items you've been clinging to, it becomes much easier to let go of them and move on.

Start with the items that you have been meaning to get rid of and work from there. Clearing your clutter is not an overnight process. Taking action is what's most important.

Don't let all of your old items weigh you down. Try your best to be objective and evaluate whether you have use for the item before discarding it. After all, letting go of sentimental items simply gives you the space you need to acquire new items to build memories with.

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