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How To Be A Good Neighbor When Moving

You want to be a good neighbor to the people that you are leaving behind at your old residence and to the folks that will become your new neighbors in your new home. There are some simple things that you can do to insure you make the best impression on old friends and friends to be.

Most people like to be forewarned about moving. This is a simple matter of convenience. It is especially important if your moving truck will block the road or part of the street that you live on. Letting your neighbors know ahead of time will allow them to avoid interfering with your movers and keep your move from interfering with their busy lives.

Timing is important. You do not want to move in or out at four in the morning. People do not like being woken up by moving noise so a little planning ahead of time can prevent ruffled feathers. Most professional movers like Olympus Moving & Storage can help you plan your move so your neighbors are rested and happy.

If your move will involve blocking an alley or an entry to a residence or business for a few hours you should let the people know at least a week in advance so they can plan. Some areas of New York and New Jersey require a permit to block a road for any length of time even if you are moving.

Olympus Moving & Storage can help you with the legal necessities so you do not bother your neighbors any more than is absolutely necessary and so you do not have any trouble with the law on moving day.

If you have animals to move, it is best to keep them in an animal carrier or on a leash. Moving makes animals afraid and you do not need the extra hassle of finding your dog or cat hiding in a neighbor’s garage.

Olympus Moving & Storage has been in the business for so long that we know what not to do to keep neighbors happy. Our movers do not play music or yell at the top of their lungs. Our professionals try to make your move as inconspicuous and convenient as possible.

Before you leave for good, you and the driver from Olympus Moving & Storage should make one last check of you residence and property. Make sure that everything is moved. Make sure garbage is disposed of and any disposable moving articles like floor runners are removed and disposed of.

Say good-bye before moving day. You can lose a few hours saying good-bye to all your neighbors on moving day. You might consider a farewell party to say good-bye a few weeks before you move. The same goes for your new residence. You will not be at your best the day you move in so putting off meeting your new neighbors can be a good idea.

The professionals at Olympus Moving & Storage can advise you about being a good neighbor when you move during their inspection and moving estimate tour of your home.

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