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5 Tips On Moving To A Smaller Home

Moving to a smaller home is often a necessary home. Whether it's due to financial difficulties, an abundance of space, or a personal decision, Olympus Moving and Storage understands the need for a smaller home and is here to offer tips on how to make the move to a smaller home an easygoing, stress free occasion.

  1. Get Rid Of Clutter

    If you are moving to a smaller home, it is time to take a serious inventory and begin to weed out items that you know you will not need in your smaller home. You may have friends who are in need, or you can donate certain times to those less fortunate. Knowing that you can't take everything with you could inspire feelings of panic, but chances are there are several items you can get rid of without missing a beat.

  2. Look At The Upside

    Moving to a smaller home does not always have to be the cause of sadness or disappointment. Perhaps moving to a smaller house in a larger city will allow you to get rid of your car and save you money. The upkeep on a larger house can also be stressful, leading to feelings of relief once the person has moved out. There are definite benefits to downsizing, as long as you're willing to notice them.

  3. Install Plenty Of Storage

    When moving into your new place of residence, it helps to maximize the space that you have. To that end, installing plentiful storage as you move in can help the place to feel larger than it truly is. Underneath the bed and in the closet are two prime areas where additional storage can be installed, freeing up extra space for more important items. The time and money investment is worth it when you take into account the improvement in your quality of living.

  4. Change Your Spending Habits

    You might be used to going clothes shopping on a regular basis, or buying antique furniture. Habits like these have a way of reducing the space you have to work with at your home. Once you've moved into a smaller home, it is important to only make purchases when you know you have a place to put them. Otherwise, the clutter you've worked so hard to get rid of will just accumulate all over again.

  5. Make A List Of Priorities

    Whether it's items that you know you must keep, or criteria that you want your new place to meet, it's crucial to have a list of priorities to stick to in order to ensure a happy, successful move. Decide on what you want out of your new home, whether it's location, cheaper rent or a certain style. When it comes to possessions, narrow down what you want to keep to a list of must haves, eliminating the rest.

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