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Moving Company Brooklyn New York


Once you have decided to relocate, there will be mixed feelings of zeal and concern, zeal over relocating to a new place or home and meeting new people or neighbors and concern regarding the safety of all the stuff that you have to move. This is where you need a moving and storage service provider.

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What to Do With All those Furniture that Won’t Fit in Your New Home


Relocation can be stressful, especially, when you have a lot of belongings. You will have the added headache when you try to pack all those fragile items, fine art and antique pieces. Once you have decided to relocate to a new city or location, contact one of the experienced local movers who can relocate all of your stuff with ease. Whether you have glass items, antique pieces, or a car, moving companies are equipped to do it all.

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How to Hire the Best Professional Moving Company New York

When it comes to your move, you will want the services of the best local movers New York City has to offer. This will mean doing a little research to find the right candidate out of the many New York City moving companies that are available.

You’ll want to start the process as early as possible if only because scheduling a good mover is best when you have the most lead time. A solid moving company Brooklyn New York offers will often be booked for their services, so be sure that you can get them when you want.

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Packing Tips for Moving


If you are planning on moving either to or from the New York City area, then you will need to plan ahead when it comes to your packing. There is a very good reason why moving day is considered a nightmare by many people because they discover just how unprepared they are to leave. Quite often, people leave things behind or pack items poorly so the fragile ones break or worse, have no clue what’s in the boxes until after reaching their new destination.

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The Benefits of Long Distance Movers New York


If you are going to move a long distance such as to another state or across the country, having the services of the best long distance movers New York has to offer will provide you with the services that you need.

Typically, long distance moving is a real chore because it often involves overnight travel and hotel stays that can drive the cost up. However, if you have the services of some of the best long distance New York City moving companies, the trip will go far smoother and you will face less uncertainty for the trip.

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Professional Moving Company New York


Are you looking for a competent, reliable moving company in New York? You have found the right company as Olympus Moving and Storage offer a professional house moving service, with an enviable track-record of successful completions. We have a wealth of experience in this field and our teams are trustworthy, hard-working and are completely customer-focused.

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Moving company Brooklyn New York

Olympus Moving & Storage was established 38 years ago and we are now the go-to company for safe and cost-effective relocation in Brooklyn. We have built an enviable reputation for efficient and successful completions from Brooklyn, to destinations all over the world. Our unmatched track-record of consistent, affordable and damage-free relocations, is what sets us apart as leaders in the field. Our teams of relocation experts are dedicated, qualified and trustworthy, with a wealth of experience in the proper packaging and transporting of our customer’s precious possessions.

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Long distance movers New York

Olympus Moving & Storage offers residents of New York a professional, reliable long-distance relocation service, at the most competitive prices around.

We understand completely, that moving to a new home is a stressful time for most people. There is a lot of planning involved and Olympus Moving & Storage is here to help you out with all the necessary steps, to the successful and safe relocation of all your most treasured possessions.

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New York City Moving Companies


Whether you plan at settling in or moving from New York City, it is a must that you have the knowledge on how you are going to transport your household valuables in the safest and most appropriate way possible. You cannot just decide to move from one place of residency to another without considering all the aspects that go along with it – particularly on transferring of your home furniture, appliances, and other stuffs. In case you do not know, doing the wrapping, loading and unloading of your household things is a work full of hassle and stress on your part. Well, this should not be your worry anymore. A professional moving company can do such a difficult task for you. And when you talk about the best workers in this industry, you can trust New York City Moving Companies.
Here are some standout reasons why you must hire professional movers from this area.

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Moving Companies Brooklyn NY


Have you been looking for the best partners that will assure you a totally hassle-free transfer of your household valuables? Do you want to know where you could find the best workers in the moving industry? If that’s the case, Moving Companies Brooklyn NY is the right one for you. Each year, hundreds of thousands decide to transfer from one place of residence to another for specific reasons. For your information, a lot of them experience all the burdensome aspects that have something to do with this project such as fraudulent moving representatives, unqualified movers, broken appliances, dissatisfying moving services, and much more. Such problems however, will no longer haunt you when you are paired with the right professionals, particularly the moving experts mentioned above. Why hiring these service providers is a wise decision? Here’s why:

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Surviving a Move with Kids

Surviving a move with kids is very devastating. In a normal life for Americans, moving is one of the stressful and devastating events of life, there is the surpassing list of job interviews and paper works. Then if you add your children to the situation, this is another problem. There are some on ways on how you can survive your move with your kids.

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How to Choose a Moving Company

Learning the ways on how to choose a moving company is very crucial. One thing you need to ensure that the company can totally be trustworthy and professionals. Or else, things can be devastating. Apart from the possibility to have damaged furniture, there is high risk that one of your luxurious possessions like jewels and gadgets might be stolen to you.

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How To Be A Good Neighbor When Moving

You want to be a good neighbor to the people that you are leaving behind at your old residence and to the folks that will become your new neighbors in your new home. There are some simple things that you can do to insure you make the best impression on old friends and friends to be.

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Three Ways To Avoid Moving Day Theft

Moving day can be exciting for the most part, but as you move your belongings, you need to be careful. Thieves are opportunistic, and they will be aware that this is when you are most vulnerable around your family and belongings. The following three opportunities and deterrents for moving day theft will prevent your valuable items from walking away.

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How To Let Go Of Sentimental Items When You Move

During the planning and packing stages of a move, it can be quite difficult for a person to decide on which items to keep and which ones to throw away. Parting with any items that you have an emotional attachment to can be challenging. However, there are ways to get through this process without losing any items you truly care about.

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How To Move Your Garden


Moving from one to house to another can be tedious and extremely stressful for non-gardeners, but for those who consider the garden as important as their home—they are likely to suffer more. As much as a kitchen lover would say “Is this kitchen big enough?” The gardener will also ask “Will my fuschias be able to grow here?”

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Helpful Hints For Moving Locally

Every move that you make does not have to be a lengthy one. Sometimes, interesting moving opportunities open up in a neighborhood near you. Olympus Moving and Storage realizes that you may need to move because the school district is better or property taxes are lower. To that end, here's a list of helpful hints to make that local move quick and painless.

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How To Protect Your Floors And Carpets For Moving

You want to protect your floors and carpets when you move because damage to floors and carpets will cost you money. If you are renting any damage may be covered by the loss of your deposit that can be as much as a few thousand dollars depending on what you rent and where the rental is located.

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How To Protect Your Furniture When Moving


One of the most challenging parts about preparing for a move is deciding how to go about protecting your furniture. Olympus Moving and Storage has the experience necessary to guide you through this difficult process. The following is a list of tips on how to safeguard your furniture during a move.

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How To Recognize Quality Moving Companies

When you move it is crucial to know which moving companies provide quality service. Of course, every website will tell you that their company provides quality moving services, and that they are trustworthy and reliable. But how can you tell if this is true or not? There is a certain criteria which you need to follow to help you recognize quality moving companies easily. Our tips will help you.

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5 Tips On Moving To A Smaller Home

Moving to a smaller home is often a necessary home. Whether it's due to financial difficulties, an abundance of space, or a personal decision, Olympus Moving and Storage understands the need for a smaller home and is here to offer tips on how to make the move to a smaller home an easygoing, stress free occasion.

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Pros & Cons Of Moving To A Warmer State


Warmer climates are lovely—you can go swimming, jogging, sunbathing or take walks. There are numerous benefits of moving to a warmer state, as well as a couple of disadvantages. Moving can be stressful, but when you add another factor of changing the climate and environment, you get other aspects to consider before moving.

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Top 10 Tips For Packing

When it comes to packing your home to move, we here at Olympus Moving and Storage have a great deal of expertise on the subject. The following is a list of tips that will give you the help you need to successfully pack and move your home.

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Packing And Moving Made Real Simple

Get your items packed and moved with the following packing essentials. Find out how to organize your stuff, types of boxes and how to pack each of them. With the following guide, you’ll find packing isn’t as hard as you initially thought.

Use Right Sized Boxes

Place lighter items such as pillows and linen in bigger boxes; heavier items such as books in smaller ones. Heavy items packed in large boxes are a common complaint from movers. They don’t only make the job harder, but also increase chances of breaking.

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