Pros & Cons Of Moving To A Warmer State

Warmer climates are lovely—you can go swimming, jogging, sunbathing or take walks. There are numerous benefits of moving to a warmer state, as well as a couple of disadvantages. Moving can be stressful, but when you add another factor of changing the climate and environment, you get other aspects to consider before moving.

Pros of moving to a warmer state

The Sun is Good for the Body

A warmer climate is good for the body because under such conditions vital organs function at their optimum levels. Your immune system is boosted and memory improved. Sunlight promotes the release of hormones which cause happy moods, reduces the production of stress causing hormones and melatonin, which makes us sleepy. There are plenty outdoor activities we can immerse ourselves in warm climate.

Sunlight Makes you Healthier

Under warmer conditions, the body creates more Vitamin D which is good for the body in many aspects as well as preventing cancer. Sunlight has been proven to have direct positive effects on self-esteem and mood, and people who live in warmer climates are less likely to suffer from depression and suicide. Based on research, mortality rates are also lower in warmer climates.

Great for the Kids

normally you wouldn’t prefer your kids stay at home the whole week playing video games because of the whizzing weather, and they cannot go outside. However under warm conditions, your children can go out and play in the yard with other kids, and also play sports after school.

Enjoy Clearer Skies

Rain, fog, snow, etc. can hinder you from seeing anything beyond your bedroom window, while warm weather can make you enjoy the clear sky, hear birds singing, blossoming flowers and experience sunrise and sunset.

Cons of Moving to a Warmer State


Insects, spiders and bugs are bigger and more of a problem in warmer climates. They don’t only irritate and sting, but they also transfer an array of diseases. When you move to a warmer state, use insecticide and other products to protect yourself and your family.

No Snowy Christmas

There are certain states that experience little to no snow at all during Christmas, which means no snow balls and no snowman for your kids. You may not be a fan of snow, but it’s a typical idea of Christmas time, much unlike spending it on the beach.

No Four Seasons

It may be bad enough that certain states experience little to no snow at all during Christmas, but some warmer states don’t even experience the four distinct seasons. It wouldn’t be much fun not having autumn and spring, which tend to be the most beautiful seasons of the year.

When moving to a warmer state, remember to prioritize more on warmer clothing and less on things like coats and boots. Olympus moving & Storage is a professional moving service that will help you move to any state, pack and unpack your precious possessions, and give you peace of mind knowing that your move will be handled diligently.