Packing And Moving Made Real Simple

Get your items packed and moved with the following packing essentials. Find out how to organize your stuff, types of boxes and how to pack each of them. With the following guide, you’ll find packing isn’t as hard as you initially thought.

Use Right Sized Boxes

Place lighter items such as pillows and linen in bigger boxes; heavier items such as books in smaller ones. Heavy items packed in large boxes are a common complaint from movers. They don’t only make the job harder, but also increase chances of breaking.

Place Heavy Items at the Bottom, Lighter on Top

If you are going to load a van, pack the heavy boxes first, and push them towards the front for stability.

Don’t Leave Gaps Between Boxes

Fill in those gaps with packing paper or towels. Movers don’t like moving unbalanced or loosely packed boxes.

Don’t Mix Items from Separate Locations in the Same Boxes

Avoid this, and your packing and unpacking will be made a lot easier and quicker too.

Label Every Box with a Description of Contents and Which Room It’s Destined For

This will help the movers and yourself know where each box will placed when you move to your new place. Number your boxes and keep and inventory list to help you remember what’s been packed and what hasn’t. Consult your list when unpacking to ensure everything is there.

Tape Boxes Properly

The last thing you’ll want are boxes opening by themselves and contents scattering the whole place. Use tape to cover the top and bottom seams, and then use the movers’ techniques of wrapping whole boxes including the edges where stress is normally concentrated.

If Moving Antiques, Artifacts and Expensive—Ask for Special Crating

Do not wrap your oil painting with standard paper; otherwise it will get stuck and ruin it. For glass framed pictures, mark an ‘X’ with tape across the glass to strengthen it and keep it together from shattering. Then wrap the pictures with bubble wrap and paper, and place them in the frame box, with cardboard pieces between them for protection.

Bundle up Breakables

Put packing around your dishes, and wrap them together in bundles of five or six at a time. Always pack them on the sides not flat, with paper in between them to keep stable.

Consider Items that Require Special Treatment

Plasma TVs and computers need wooden crates for moving, if you don’t have the original purchase box, they may get ruined if you place them flat. Use double boxes and pad with packing paper.

Olympus Moving & Storage offers a wide range of packing and unpacking solutions when you’re on the move. Packing to move can be one of the most arduous and time consuming processes. A professional service can help relieve stress by safely and carefully packing and moving your most treasured possessions.